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17 Feb 2020, 08:00

Akron, Ohio (February 17, 2020) – Filtrexx International, a leading developer of Sustainable Management Practice (SMP) solutions, announced this week a manufacturing and distribution partnership agreement with Western Green.

Filtrexx is the leader in providing innovative and sustainable solutions in the sediment control market including its Soxx technology for erosion and sediment control, pollutant removal and stormwater management. As the original inventors of compost filter sock technology, Filtrexx has designed and engineered sediment control solutions tailored for every application and specific needs of each project.

Western Green, and its associated erosion control brands North American Green and Western Excelsior, is the industry leader for manufactured erosion control products and holds the industry’s most complete product line ranging from short term ECBs to permanent HPTRM Anchored Systems. The company has industry-leading distributors covering the United States and Canada.

The partnership was formed out of the desire for both companies to better serve the industry, distributors, and contractors and overall to strengthen leadership positions with erosion and sediment control products.This partnership will also allow for increased sediment control specification efforts with engineering through collaborative expert design guidance, and increase shared resources for distributors and their customers. This partnership will focus in 2020 in the Southern, Atlantic coast, and Midwest regions of the United States and will include a manufacturing partnership centered in the Southeast.

About Filtrexx International

Filtrexx International is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and low impact development. Filtrexx technology is used in diverse applications such as perimeter control, inlet protection, check dams, slope interruption, runoff diversion, sediment traps, channel protection, bank stabilization, living walls and filtrations systems. Filtrexx is a wholly owned subsidiary of SWM International (NYSE: SWM). To learn more about Filtrexx, please visit their website at

About Western Green

As a leading manufacturer of Rolled Erosion Control Products and Sediment Control Products, Western Green is dedicated to continuous research and development. All Western Green branded products are engineered for performance, manufactured for quality and provided to ensure engineered environmental stewardship and excellent value. Western Green is a company dedicated to providing erosion and sediment control products engineered for performance and manufactured for quality. Western Green manufactures two distinct product line of erosion and sediment control products to meet a variety of performance and longevity requirements, North American Green and Western Excelsior. To learn more about Western Green, please visit their website at

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