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24 Sep 2020, 08:00

Dover, OH (September 24, 2020): Filtrexx International today announced a new product, BioLoxx, a natural, lightweight spill absorbent of oils and other fluids. Manufactured through a patent-pending process and derived from flax, BioLoxx offers a more efficient way to clean up and dispose of spills economically and safely. BioLoxx has been third-party tested to absorb oil, fuels, paint, antifreeze, and more. According to ASTM testing, BioLoxx is up to 400% more absorbent than clay-based sorbents by weight. This equates to BioLoxx being 75% more absorbent by volume and costing 75% less per spill than clay. In addition, BioLoxx minimizes dust and resists ignition prior to use, making it safer.

“BioLoxx fills a need in the absorbent marketplace, specifically the need for a natural product that has higher performance vs today’s traditional absorbents. BioLoxx is a great new product for Filtrexx’s current customers and also allows Filtrexx to reach new markets and customers. BioLoxx emphasizes Filtrexx’s core beliefs to be grounded in science and be sustainability conscious” says Kip Vangsgard, Sr Product Manager at Filtrexx.

Key features and benefits of BioLoxx include:

  • Made from flax, an all-natural, sustainable and renewable material
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, making it safer for workers
  • Up to 75% more absorbent than clay-based products by volume and costs up to 75% less
  • Absorb oil, fuels, paint, antifreeze, and more

BioLoxx will be available starting October 5, 2020 through distribution partners. For more information on BioLoxx or to locate a distributor, visit

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