Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Pollutant Removal Filter

EnviroSoxx stops pollutants from leaving your site.

EnviroSoxx® is the most versatile and cost effective filter for storwater pollutant removal. A passive filtration system ready to install on any site, EnviroSoxx targets the most common pollutants in stormwater runoff, particularly in urban watersheds, sensitive receiving waters, and Total Maximum Daily Load - TMDL (§303d) listed water bodies. EnviroSoxx help industrial stormwater permit holders/MS4s comply with their permits, easily and quickly. EnviroSoxx can be applied on bare soil, vegetation, or impervious surfaces in the path of sheet flow or concentrated flow to target stormwater pollutants.

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Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Bacteria Removal


Remove up to 99%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Heavy Metals Removal


Remove up to 73%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Nutrients Removal


Remove up to 92%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Hydrocarbons Removal


Remove up to 99%


  • In swales, bioswales, ditches, or channels
  • Around site perimeters or contaminated areas
  • Across landscapes or impervious surfaces
  • Around curb or drain inlets or outfalls
  • As flow or filtration baffles
  • Pre-treatment for bioretention, rain garden, storm water ponds, or similar storm water treatment systems
  • Flow velocity reduction
  • Infiltration enhancement
  • Compliance with industrial or municipal storm water permits, part of TMDL, Green Infrastructure, or Low Impact Development ordinances
  • Treatment on or around animal feeding operations, agricultural cropping systems, and mining operations
  • As an integral component of a holistic, treatment train approach to site stormwater management


  • Reduces stormwater pollutant loads
  • Fits existing infrastructure
  • Easy to maintain & replace
  • Third-party researched
  • Use on hard & impervious surfaces such as pavement/asphalt without the need to trench or stake
  • Cost-effective system
  • EXTREME durable mesh stands up to hard surfaces and harsh site conditions
EnviroSoxx Pollutant Filter Sock


EnviroSoxx is available in two filter blends to target common pollutants.
Advanced Blend: One filter targets the four common pollutant groups.
Industrial Blend: Targets only heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and nutrients.

Removal rates vary by pollutant and are based on third-party research, actual removal rates may vary and are highly dependent on site specific environmental conditions including flow rate, flow volume, pollutant concentration, pollutant load, proper installation, maintenance, and design. See Research References below.

EnviroSoxx Advanced Blend Filter

Pollutant GroupPollutantRemoval Rate
Heavy MetalsCadmium73%
HydrocarbonsMotor Oil99%
Nitrogen (NH4-N)
BacteriaE. coli99%
BacteriaTotal coliforms99%
GeneralTotal Solids98%

EnviroSoxx Industrial Blend Filter

Pollutant Group Pollutant Removal Rate
Heavy Metals Cadmium 73%
Heavy Metals Lead 73%
Heavy Metals Copper 70%
Heavy Metals Nickel 69%
Heavy Metals Zinc 53%
Heavy Metals Chromium 47%
Hydrocarbons Diesel 99%
Hydrocarbons Motor Oil 99%
Hydrocarbons Gasoline 54%
Nutrients Soluble Phosphorus 93%
Nutrients Ammonium Nitrogren (NH4-N) 54%
General Total Solids 98%
General TSS 80%
General Turbidity 63%


EnviroSoxx contains compost FilterMedia™ plus natural sorbents used to increase pollutant removal capacity, and to reduce pollutant transport in runoff and absorption by plants. EnviroSoxx is filled with all natural materials.

When designing a passive filtration system, water gets cleaner as it passes through multiple filters – therefore a combination of inlet protection, runoff diversion, channel protection, and outfall filtration using EnviroSoxx is typically recommended. EnviroSoxx can also be stacked in a pyramid style to increase the capacity of the system. Replacement of EnviroSoxx filters is designed according to site conditions, but is typically recommended on a quarterly basis.

Biofiltration is a technique to control pollution by using living material to capture and biologically degrade process pollutants. A 3-way biofiltration system entails the following areas:

  • Physical: it traps sediment in matrix of varying pore spaces and sizes
  • Chemical: it binds and adsorbs pollutants in storm runoff
  • Biological: it degrades various compounds with bacteria and fungi


  • Agriculture
  • Airports
  • Brownfields
  • Bulk storage
  • CAFO's
  • Compost facilities
  • Drilling/fracking sites
  • Equipment wash-down
  • Factories
  • Fueling stations
  • Fire water runoff
  • Golf courses
  • Heavy industry
  • Industrial sites
  • Landfills & transfer stations
  • Maintenance
  • Marinas & boat washes
  • Military bases
  • Nurseries
  • Oil & fuel spills
  • Parking lots
  • Pet parks
  • Recycling facilities
  • Roadways
  • Rooftops
  • Sewers & septics
  • Sumps
  • Vehicle wash stations
  • Urban runoff
  • Wetland overflows


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