NutriLoxx® is the natural sorbent technology for nutrient removal.

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Nutrient Removal

Our EnviroSoxx® portfolio can incorporate NutriLoxx, a natural sorbent technology for nutrient removal, for stormwater pollution prevention practices, such as sediment control, check dams, inlet protection, biofiltration and bioretention systems. It is used to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loads in stormwater runoff, particularly on fertilized soils such as agricultural lands or golf. Filtrexx nutrient removal technology is a natural material that chemically adsorbs soluble phosphorus and nitrogen (ammonium-N, NH4+-N) in water and stormwater; thereby reducing transport to water bodies, reducing bioavailability to aquatic plants, and minimizing algae blooms, eutrophication, and low dissolved oxygen levels that can lead to fish kill and collapse of aquatic ecosystems.

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Filtrexx Research Library contains research, both published and unpublished, on the performance of compost filter sock for sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal, stormwater management and diverse environmental applications.

Pollutant Removal

2006 Interagency Conference on Research in Watersheds – Filter Sock Research [PDF] click here

2005 USCC Conference Proceedings – Filter Soxx Performance [PDF] click here

2006 IECA Conference Proceedings – Filter Soxx Performance [PDF] click here

2009 JEQ – Storm Water Pollutant Removal Performance of Compost Filter Socks [PDF] click here

2013 Water Environment Research–Performance of Compost Filtration Practice for Green Infrastructure Stormwater Applications [PDF] click here

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