Absorbs oil, gas & more. Use up to 75% less than clay based products.

BioLoxx by Filtrexx is a superior absorbent of oils and lubricants generated by spills and equipment leaks. BioLoxx is 100% natural, derived from flax straw, and engineered to maximize absorbency. It has been tested to absorb oils, fuels, and other commonly spilled and leaked fluids.

To absorb the same amount of oil, up to 75% less BioLoxx by volume is required when compared to clay-based sorbents, costing 75% less per spill than clay (ASTM F726, Sorbent Performance).


BioLoxx Natural Spill Absorbent

BioLoxx resists ignition prior to use and does not generate potentially hazardous clay dust. Because BioLoxx is much lighter than clay-based sorbents, the risk of ergonomic injuries is greatly reduced, the product is easier to use, and less product is needed for clean up of spills than a clay based inorganic product (ASTM E1226, Explosion Severity; ASTM E2019, Minimum Ignition Energy [Dust Cloud]; and ASTM E1515, Minimum Explosible Concentration).

Unlike clay-based sorbents, which must be landfilled for disposal, BioLoxx can be incinerated according the end user’s local, state, and federal regulations, thereby eliminating potential future liability.

Pair BioLoxx with EnviroSoxx Pollutant Filters for added pollutant protection. A passive filtration system ready to install on any site, EnviroSoxx targets the most common pollutants in stormwater runoff. EnviroSoxx is available in two different filter blends to target common pollutants. Simply block the flow with a length of EnviroSoxx, then cover and absorb the spill with BioLoxx.

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Filtrexx BioLoxx Natural Spill Absorbent
Filtrexx BioLoxx Natural Spill Absorbent

BioLoxx Specifications

Item NumberF1706
Product Weight25 lbs / 11.4 kg
Package Dimensions21.76 in x 29.75 in x 6 in
ClassAbsorbent derived from flax straw
MaterialFlax Shives
Absorbent TypeGranules
Absorbent Capacity25 lb bag will absorb up to 12 gallons of petroleum based oil
Material Features100% Organic, Non-Abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-Free
Fluids AbsorbedOil, gasoline, diesel, and more
DisposalBioLoxx can be incinerated according the end user’s local, state, and federal regulations


Filtrexx BioLoxx Instructions 1 Sprinkle around spill

Step 1

For large spills, sprinkle the perimeter of the spill with BioLoxx to prevent the spill from spreading.

Filtrexx BioLoxx Instructions 2 Cover spill

Step 2

Cover the rest of the spill with a generous amount of BioLoxx.

Filtrexx BioLoxx Instructions 3 Clean up spill

Step 3

With a coarse broom, work the BioLoxx completely, mixing everything together until it has fully absorbed everything and no liquid is visible.

Sweep up and dispose.


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