Filtrexx Mesh lets water through while keeping silt and clay inside the Soxx.

Filtrexx® Mesh™ is carefully designed to perform under the most challenging conditions. Our R&D and engineering teams have developed more than 100 different mesh geometries and configurations for diverse Soxx™ applications in stormwater management, sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal, living walls, agriculture and gardening applications.

Depending on the final application, Filtrexx Mesh can require different opening or hole size, tensile strength, longevity performance and materials. We offer an extensive portfolio of Mesh solutions to fit the precise requirements of your project. Contact a Filtrexx professional and let us collaborate on your next project development.


Mesh opening: the mesh opening or hole size is the measurement that determines how tight or loose the mesh geometry is. Modifying the mesh opening size can help achieve specific performance results depending on the final application.

Mesh Material: Our mesh configurations can be manufactured in different resins (e.g. polypropylene, high density polyethylene, etc.) and natural fibers (e.g. cotton) to serve different performance requirements. If your project requires photodegradable, oxobiodegradable or biodegradable features, our team can collaborate with you to find the most suitable mesh material to deliver desired results.

Tensile Strength: the chemical formulation of the mesh determines the softness, brittleness, strength and roughness of the final mesh configuration. Tensile strength measures the force required to pull the netting/mesh to the point where it breaks. We have a wide range of mesh alternatives to withstand the forces caused by stormwater runoff, sediment and soil erosion.

Longevity: this is the estimated product life cycle. Temporary and permanent applications require different longevity targets and our Filtrexx Mesh portfolio offers different materials to achieve the desired life cycle duration. From a few months to years, our mesh configurations can help secure the success of your project.


This gallery displays some of the more than 100 different Filtrexx Mesh configurations available with our Soxx technology. For product specifications, potential applications and additional data, contact us.

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