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We provide the most extensive, proven, and sustainable erosion control product line in the world.


Mesh + FilterMedia™

SiltSoxx™ is a compost BMP that stops sediment from leaving your work site. They cost less and outperform silt fence or straw wattle. It’s the proven approach to sediment control.


Mesh + FilterMedia™
+ Sorbents

EnviroSoxx® remove hydrocarbons, heavy metals, bacteria, and nutrients. Ideal for industrial sites, urban watersheds, agricultural lands, and MS4s.

Stormwater Management

Mesh + GrowingMedia™ + Vegetation

GroSoxx® protect your land from the ravages of stormwater by providing immediate stabilization and sustained vegetative growth. Use for low impact development projects.


Mesh + GrowingMedia™ + Components
+ Vegetation

LivingWalls™ provide a unique, alternative approach to the design and installation of MSE and non-MSE walls. We offer a full line of featuring beauty, strength and sustainability.

Farm & Garden

Mesh + GrowingMedia™ + Crops

GardenSoxx® is the best container for growing healthier fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers—anywhere. Use for urban farms, commercial agriculture, backyards, or community & school gardens.

Filtrexx University

Filtrexx is a global leader in the research and development of sustainable, compost based BMPs for erosion control and stormwater management. Explore for free access to presentations, research library, webinars, specifications, and more.

Stormwater Curriculum

Learn about the soil and water connection and the science behind Filtrexx® products and applications.

BMP Comparisons

SiltSoxx™ consistently outperforms silt fence, straw wattle, and imitation compost sock – see the data for yourself.

Get spec’s, CADs & Cut sheets

Filtrexx provides everything you need to easily complete your designs or submittals.

Free Webinar Series

Watch webinars – live or on demand. Or, schedule an in-person Lunch & Learn for your office.

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