Filtrexx 2018 Sustainability Impact

Filtrexx Environmental Sustainability Benefits

Filtrexx products use locally recycled organic materials inside of photodegradable or biodegradable mesh. Diverting these organic materials from landfills and applying them to the soil means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Contact us today to learn how to achieve third-party verified environmental benefits for your project.

Filtrexx & EcoPractices: We’re looking for sustainability leaders.

  • Many companies have sustainability goals they strive to reach—EcoPractices is a third-party verification company that helps to market your sustainability practices by providing proof practices were implemented and produced scientifically-proven environmental benefits.
  • EcoPractices helps companies create, reach, and market sustainability goals with a variety of services and product solutions.
  • EcoPractices identifies, collects, verifies, documents, and generates positive environmental impacts produced from simply implementing Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs) on your projects.
  • EcoPractices is committed to offering a library of SMPs from Filtrexx that not only comply with project permits, but are proven to outperform conventional, unsustainable products.

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