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Filtrexx® Research Library contains research, both published and unpublished, on the performance of compost filter sock for sediment & erosion control and diverse environmental applications. View our extensive research generated throughout our history.


2006 ASAE OSU Paper on Silt Soxx and Silt Fence Design Capacity [PDF] click here

2006 ASAE OSU Poster on Silt Soxx and Silt Fence Design Tool and Flow Rate [PDF] click here

2007 JEQ – Silt Soxx vs Silt Fence Flow Rate and Design Capacity [PDF] click here

2008 JSWC – Sediment and phosphorus removal from simulated storm runoff with compost filter socks and silt fence [PDF] click here


2006 Storm Water Authority – SiltSoxx Design [PDF] click here

2006 ASABE USDA-ARS FilterSoxx vs Silt Fence Research [PDF] click here

2009 JSWC – Compost Filter Sock, Mulch Berms and Hay Bale Field Performance [PDF] click here


2006 Interagency Conference on Research in Watersheds – Filter Sock Research [PDF] click here

2005 USCC Conference Proceedings – Filter Soxx Performance [PDF] click here

2006 IECA Conference Proceedings – Filter Soxx Performance [PDF] click here

2009 JEQ – Storm Water Pollutant Removal Performance of Compost Filter Socks [PDF] click here

2013 Water Environment Research–Performance of Compost Filtration Practice for Green Infrastructure Stormwater Applications [PDF] click here


2005 JSWC – Evaluation of stormwater from compost and conventional erosion control practices in construction activities [PDF] click here

2004 University of Georgia – Faucette et al Dissertation [PDF] click here

2006 JSWC – Vegetation and soil quality effects from hydroseed and compost blankets used for erosion control in construction activities [PDF] click here

2007 JSWC Erosion control and storm water quality from straw with PAM, mulch, and compost blankets of varying particle sizes [PDF] click here

2008 IECA – Performance and Design for Compost Erosion Control and Storm Water Blankets [PDF] click here

2009 JEQ – Large-Scale Performance and Design for Construction Activity Erosion Control Best Management Practices [PDF] click here


2008 Thermal Performance of Biowalls (Poster) [PDF] click here

2010 –SIUE – Test Wall Runoff Data [PDF] click here

2010 SIUE – Preliminary Stormwater Retention Data [PDF] click here

2011 ISAS – Stormwater Mitigation (Poster) [PDF] click here

2011 GRHC – Stormwater Benefits (Paper) [PDF] click here

2011 ISAS – Thermal Benefits (Poster) [PDF] click here


TechLink #3301 - LEED v4 Building Credits [PDF] click here

TechLink #3302 - Test Methods [PDF] click here

TechLink #3303 - C Factor [PDF] click here

TechLink #3304 - Design Height [PDF] click here

TechLink #3305 - Runoff Curve Numbers [PDF] click here

TechLink #3306 - Low Impact Development [PDF] click here

TechLink #3307 - HydroCarbon Removal in Compost [PDF] click here

TechLink #3308 - USDA Fence vs Soxx™ [PDF] click here

TechLink #3309 - Humus Content and Quality of Compost [PDF] click here

TechLink #3310 - Particle Size Specs in Compost ECBs [PDF] click here

TechLink #3311 - Design Height and Slope Spacing for Soxx [PDF] click here

TechLink #3312 - Compost ECB [PDF] click here

TechLink #3313 - SiltSoxx™ Design Tool [PDF] click here

TechLink #3314 - Sediment Storage [PDF] click here

TechLink #3315 - Veg Support Practices [PDF] click here

TechLink #3316 - Soil Quality Comparison [PDF] click here

TechLink #3317 - Sediment Control on Construction Sites [PDF] click here

TechLink #3318 - Vegetation Quality Comparison [PDF] click here

TechLink #3320 - Stormwater Infiltration Comparison [PDF] click here

TechLink #3321 - Nutrient Runoff Comparison [PDF] click here

TechLink #3322 - P Reduction [PDF] click here

TechLink #3323 - Sheer Stress [PDF] click here

TechLink #3324 - Carbon Credit [PDF] click here

TechLink #3325 - Hydrocarbons-Metals-Bacteria [PDF] click here

TechLink #3326 - FilterCell Case Study [PDF] click here

TechLink #3327 - SDSU study [PDF] click here

TechLink #3328 - Treatment Train and Urban Runoff [PDF] click here

TechLink #3329 - Biodegradable Soxx™ [PDF] click here

TechLink #3330 - Alternative Filter Media [PDF] click here

TechLink #3331 - Installation of Sediment Control Barriers [PDF] click here

TechLink #3332 - Sediment Removal Performance of SiltSoxx™ in Inlet Protection [PDF] click here

TechLink #3333 - Performance of Sediment Control Barriers under Large-Scale Testing [PDF] click here

TechLink #3334 - Performance of 5-inch SiltSoxx™ [PDF] click here

TechLink #3335 - Ecosystem Service Benefits of Filtrexx Compost-Based Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs) [PDF] click here

TechLink #3336 - Understanding and Identifying Compost Filter Media used in Compost Filter Socks [PDF] click here

TechLink #3337 - Biomimicry and the Foundation of Filtrexx Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs) [PDF] click here

TechLink #3338 - StormExx Clean Filter Media Performance Evaluation [PDF] click here

TechLink #3339 - Natural and Biologically-Based Mesh for Compost Filter Socks [PDF] click here

TechLink #3340 - StormExx Technology Performance Evaluation under Large Scale Test Conditions [PDF] click here

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